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What Should We Do For Our Wedding Exit?

Wedding Exit Ideas that Photograph Well

wedding-exit-ideas What Should We Do For Our Wedding Exit?

We’ve gotten this question a few times now… Couples ask us for wedding exit ideas because they’re curious what photographs well! Well, here are my thoughts. :)
Sparklers are definitely my favorite wedding exit. And there are a few reasons for that…
1. The light they give off is so lovely! When a couple chooses sparklers, we usually don’t use a ton of flash for the exit. We can just get that pretty glow from the sparklers, and I really think that captures the mood well!
2. Guests have fun at sparkler exits, and happy guests mean awesome exit images.
3. We tend to get some lovely candids after the couple takes off while their guests are waiting for their sparklers to extinguish.
4. This is a big one… Sparklers don’t block the couples’ faces. Instinctively, people hold their sparklers up high and a few feet away from you so they don’t hurt you! That means we can see your faces clearly in your images, while still seeing the line of sparklers on either side of you.
Ribbon wands/pom poms
Ribbon wands would probably be my second choice. We always instruct guests to hold ribbon wands nice and high, though, because sometimes guests wave the ribbons at eye level and it can block the couples’ faces (hence why sparklers are still our first choice!). But I think they look so cool waving through the air, and it gives you one more opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors at the very end of your day!
Tied for second would be confetti/flower petals. As long as it’s brightly colored and somewhat large, it photographs pretty well in our experience. Again, though, it can block the couples’ faces during the exit because it’s usually being thrown directly at them. But if you’re cool with that and you just want a pop of fun color during your exit, do it!! If you can get access to them (and if they’re allowed at your venue), confetti canons are fun and a bit more practical because they shoot the confetti higher up into the air, rather than in front of the couples’ faces.
Some that we’ve seen that weren’t as successful: Bubbles are classic and romantic, but they tend to float directly in front of the couple, which blocks their happy faces in their images! And they can be tough to see in the dark… Rice is another tough one… It’s just too small and too monochromatic to show up well in photographs, especially at night. (Also, couples tend to just block their faces with their hands during their exit because being hit in the face with uncooked rice is not really a pleasant sensation.) Lighters give off a really cool vibe, but they can be tough to see in photographs because the flame itself is so small.
So there you go! Hopefully that gave you a few wedding exit ideas, and helped you understand why some exits just photograph better than others. If you have your heart set on a particular exit, talk to you photographer about it beforehand! That gives them the chance to prepare well and instruct your guests properly so that your images turn out beautifully.
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