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Sewanee Wedding Photos

Sewanee Wedding Photos

Sewanee-wedding-photos-scaled Sewanee Wedding Photos

It was always their plan to get married in the backyard. Beside the water. At Maggie’s family home, just down the street from where they’ll make their first home together. It may not have been *exactly* the original plan, and it may not have been their original wedding date, but it was a magical day. With magical light. For the sweetest couple.
Maggie + Grant are high school sweethearts. We’ve photographed several of their friends’ weddings over the past few years, so when they first got in touch with us, we were lucky to already know some of the awesome people in their circle… And let me tell you, it’s a pretty great group of folks. On our first phone call, I distinctly remember asking Maggie + Grant what exactly is in the water down where they grew up, because they (and their friends) are really so lovely. This group all grew up together, went to high school together, and are the sweetest lifelong friends to one another. And that fantastic group really reflects who they are as a couple: kind, thoughtful, intentional people. Sweet to their core. And so, so in love with each other.
Maggie + Grant chose such beautiful, classic details for their wedding day, but still managed to make this day so incredibly personal and sentimental. I can hardly explain how gorgeous Maggie’s family property is – a creek running through it, with the old mill house (that Maggie’s family lovingly restored into a beautiful rental property) still standing. What a perfect, gorgeous day these two had with some of their very favorite people!
Planning + floral design: Amanda Bailey
Hair + makeup: Katie-Laine Thornton

Dress: Sarah Seven, The Dress Theory Nashville

Tuxedo: The Black Tux
Videographer: 14th Avenue Films

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