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Sewanee Inn Wedding

Sewanee Inn Wedding

Oh, friends this is a new favorite for sure. Maura + Mac grew up in the same community in Texas – played tennis together, carpooled to events… but when they both chose to attend the University of the South, they really got to know each other. Mac finally made the move and asked Maura out their senior year, and here we are! These two just make perfect sense together, and it was an absolute joy to be part of their wedding weekend. Maura is sweet and soft-spoken and kind. Mac is equally as lovely and thoughtful, and always brings the party. They carry themselves with the grace of a much older couple, and their families have a shared history and community that was so beautiful to witness. Their Sewanee Inn wedding was the perfect representation of their history together, their love story, and the future that lies ahead of them. It was a classic and colorful weekend, with gorgeous, fluffy florals, a sailcloth tent, and even a few sweet nods to their tennis careers. What a stunner!! // Sewanee Inn Wedding

And SO much love to a vendor team that absolutely knocked it out of the park:

Planning + Design: EBJ and Company

Reception Venue: The Sewanee Inn

Ceremony Venue: All Saints Chapel

Floral: SoulFlowers

Rentals: Southern Events Online

Reception Music: The Music City Sound

Save The Dates: Morgan Victoria Design

Invitation suite: Mospens Studio, Sterling Stripes

Makeup: Lyss Thompson Makeup

Hair: Styled by Paige

Videography: WhiteHeart Wedding Films

Shelby Reece Design

Day-of paper: The Rock Paper Scissors

Linens: BBJ Latavola

Tent: Curated Events Nashville


Sewanee-Inn-wedding_0001 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0010 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0003 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0009 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0002 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0004 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0005 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0006 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0007 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0011 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0012 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0013 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0014 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0015 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0024 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0022 Sewanee Inn Wedding

Sewanee-Inn-wedding_0020 Sewanee Inn Wedding

Sewanee-Inn-wedding_0019 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0023 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0031 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0028 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0017 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0021 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0034 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0032 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0025 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0030 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0073 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0033 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0075 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0074 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0037 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0038 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0039 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0040 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0041 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0042 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0043 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0044 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0045 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0046 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0048 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0049 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0083 Sewanee Inn Wedding

Sewanee-Inn-wedding_0053 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0054 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0052 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0051 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0084 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0058 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0078 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0077 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0055 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0057 Sewanee Inn Wedding

Sewanee-Inn-wedding_0080 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0081 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0076 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0061 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0062 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0063 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0082 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0065 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0086 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0066 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0067 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0068 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0089 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0069 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0087 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0093 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0088 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0085 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0091 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0090 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0092 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0094 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0096 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0095 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0070 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0097 Sewanee Inn WeddingSewanee-Inn-wedding_0071 Sewanee Inn Wedding


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