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A Modern, Snowy Winter Wedding

Nashville Winter Wedding Photographer

I’ve always had such a soft spot for winter weddings… but I have to say, Kira + Mike’s winter wedding was truly one for the books. This job is such a joy because of couples like Kira + Mike; I could shoot this wedding day over and over. Hang out with this couple + their friends + their families over and over. Feel this level of cosiness and love and joy at such a long awaited day… over and over and over.

Kira + Mike postponed their wedding due to Covid, and I felt so heartbroken for them as we started to hear reports of a “bomb cyclone” and a “polar vortex” headed into the Hudson Valley on their twice-postponed wedding weekend. And while there was quite a bit of snow and some very gusty winds… almost all of Kira + Mike’s guests arrived safely at the Roundhouse, and Kira + Mike got to spend a delightfully cozy weekend snowed in with all of their favorite people! (Perks of choosing a venue that can also house all of your guests!) Tyler and I had so much fun during our stay at the Roundhouse – we loved exploring Beacon in the snow, and it was such a joy spending the weekend with Kira + Mike + their people. Enjoy just a few of my favorites from their modern, snowy winter wedding!


Ceremony + reception venue, planning + coordination, rentals: The Roundhouse, Beacon, NY

Florist: Athabold

Hair + makeup: Annaliese & Co

Bride’s dress: Flair Boutique (Boston, MA)

Bridesmaids’ dresses (designer and boutique): BHLDN

Groom + groomsmen attire: Indochino +The Black Tux

Ceremony + reception music: The Met Players Band


winter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0001 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0004 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0002 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0003 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0005 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0008 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0009 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0010 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0011 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0012 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0013 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0015 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0016 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0017 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0018 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0019 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0020 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0021 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0022 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0023 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0024 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0025 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0026 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0027 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0028 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0029 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0030 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0031 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0032 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0033 A Modern, Snowy Winter Wedding

Truly one of the sweetest wedding moments I’ve ever photographed…. Mike asked the Met Players if he could join them to serenade Kira for a song and they agreed! He absolutely killed it and loved every second of it.

winter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0034 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0035 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0037 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0038 A Modern, Snowy Winter Weddingwinter-nashville-wedding-photographer_0039 A Modern, Snowy Winter Wedding


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