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How to Display Your Wedding in Your Home

It’s never about the wedding. It’s about the marriage. But I truly do believe that having tangible, real heirlooms and items in your home that remind you of your wedding day will make your marriage stronger. It’ll remind you of all the thoughts that ran through your head, the little moments, the little memories, the people who showed up to support you… And that will remind you of how you felt about each other on that day. That’s important. So today, let’s talk about how to display your wedding in your home!

We personally don’t love displaying tons of photos of ourselves on our walls… But I think there are other equally-awesome ways to surround yourselves with your wedding photos (and memorabilia) after your wedding is over!

So here we go:

How to Display Your Wedding in Your Home

(WITHOUT Putting a 10,000 Pictures of Yourselves on your Wall)

How-to-display-your-wedding How to Display Your Wedding in Your Home

Have your vows calligraphed and then frame them.

This is one of my favorite tips, because you can include these on your wedding day, and they’re so beautiful and subtle to display in your home! Have your photographer include them in your detail shots, use them to read your vows to each other on your wedding day, and then frame them somewhere you’ll see them often. They’ll look like classic, beautiful wall art, but they’ll be so much more meaningful than that!

Find a photographer you love and purchase a fine art print from them of your honeymoon destination. 

Sure, you’ll have your phone pics from your honeymoon. But how cool to have a big, gorgeous image on your wall of the south of France, or a mountain in Norway, or wherever it is you’re honeymooning! It’s a worthy investment that you’ll probably keep forever, it’s a souvenir that won’t get thrown in the junk bin, and you don’t have to pack it everywhere with you while you’re traveling!

Choose favors you can continue to use in your home.

A candle, a wine stopper, coffee or tea (that you can display in a jar in your kitchen), or flower seeds (that you can plant in your garden)… Choose something you’ll love to display and/or use for years to come!

Keep the wine/champagne corks from your wedding day.

We’ve always kept champagne corks from important times in our lives – anniversaries, business successes, trips, holidays, etc… But I really wish we had kept the wine corks from our wedding day, too.

We make our “special corks” (does that sound weird?) into Christmas ornaments by simply drilling a hole through the middle of them, and then tying them up with a bit of pretty string!

Choose a classic guest book you’ll love to display for years to come.

When we got married, we did the (v trendy) thumbprint tree. The intention was good – we wanted to display it on our walls – but it wasn’t exactly the most timeless piece, and now it doesn’t match any of our home decor.

Consider getting a beautiful guestbook that will stand the test of time, or order an engagement album for your guests to sign that will match your (future) wedding album!

Register for gifts you can display.

Custom cutting boards, beautiful frames (that you can put some wedding pictures in!), etc… You’ll use your plates and kitchenware most days, of course, but don’t be afraid to register for some non-traditional things that will remind you of your wedding when you display them in your home!

Choose decor you can repurpose in your home.

Candlesticks, vases, frames… Choose decor that is timeless, and that you’ll be able to subtly add to your home decor after the big day is over.

Display your invitations.

As an accompaniment to your vows, frame your invitations! Don’t just stick them in storage somewhere! Thankfully one of my lovely bridesmaids did this for us in a shadow box (and included some pretty dried wildflowers in the box too!), and I’m so glad she thought to do it.

Keep your wedding bouquet.

Make sure you have a toss bouquet, because you can hang your wedding bouquet to dry, and then you can display it! I have mine sitting on a shelf in our living room, and I love looking over at it. I remember seeing it for the first time, carrying it, handing it off to my maid of honor, attaching my grandmother’s handkerchief to it just before walking down the aisle…. It brings back such powerful memories, and it’s still so pretty!

If you’d rather not keep your bouquet whole, have someone disassemble it immediately after the wedding and hang the individual blooms. Then you can rearrange your bouquet into a number of smaller arrangements, and place them all around your house! One on your coffee table, one on a bookshelf, one on your nightstand… Dried flowers are so pretty and classic, and honestly I kind of wish I’d done this rather than keep it as-is, because it’s difficult to keep such a large bouquet of dried flowers in good shape!

Display an heirloom box of prints in your living room.

They’re pretty, you can choose something that will really match your home decor, and it’s such a fun surprise when your houseguests find out that all of your wedding pictures are inside that pretty little box! It just blends in as some pretty decor, and they’re so easy to style around on a bookshelf or coffee table.

Get a wedding album.

I recently wrote another post on why you should consider getting a wedding album from your photographer (if you haven’t already), but this is another great reason to get an album: it’s such a subtle, beautiful way to display your wedding! Our wedding album sits in a pretty display box on the coffee table in our living room, and when we have guests over, we can take it out and show people (especially new friends who weren’t at our wedding!). Again, you wouldn’t necessarily know just from looking at it that it’s wedding-related, but it’s so gorgeous that it’s become a favorite piece of decor for us!


So there you have it! As you’re planning your wedding (or if you’re a newlywed!), keep these ideas in mind – remember that your wedding pictures can be something you’ll love to look at forever if you choose timeless over trendy, and you may even be able to display some of those timeless wedding day details in your home for years to come!


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