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Fall Sewanee Wedding

Fall Sewanee Wedding

Alyssa + Griffin are one of those couples who just make sense together. They light up in each other’s presence, they complement each other perfectly, and their modern fall Sewanee Inn wedding was an absolute masterclass in designing a day focused on the ones you love the most. They had breakfast together at Waffle House the morning of their wedding, did not see each other before the ceremony, and chose not to have a wedding party. Instead, they spent their day with a group of close friends and sweet family members and ALL of our portrait time was dedicated to just the two of them after the ceremony (and sweet, gorgeous JEANIE!). What an absolutely stunning day!

Ceremony venue: All Saints’ Chapel

Reception venue: The Sewanee Inn

Florist: SoulFlowers

Planner/coordinator: Modern Vintage Events

Hair + makeup: Angelica Chrysler

Bride’s dress: Designer – Jane Hill Bridal, Boutique – Garnish Boutique (Baltimore, MD)

Groom attire: Men’s Warehouse

Cake/dessert: Cakes + Co.

Rentals: Please Be Seated

Paper suite: Truly Engaging

Officiant: Reverend Dr. Melissa Hartley

Transportation: The Sewanee Inn

Ceremony music: Dr. Geoffery Ward

Reception music: The Band Entice

Videographer: Brandon Rice Films

Fall-Sewanee-Wedding_0001 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0004 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0005 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0006 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0058 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0009 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0059 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0010 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0011 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0012 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0013 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0014 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0015 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0016 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0017 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0018 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0019 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0049 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0048 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0020 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0023 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0025 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0021 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0027 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0022 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0055 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0024 Fall Sewanee Wedding

Fall-Sewanee-Wedding_0056 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0030 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0029 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0031 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0057 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0033 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0034 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0035 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0036 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0038 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0053 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0039 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0040 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0054 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0042 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0045 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0043 Fall Sewanee Wedding

Fall-Sewanee-Wedding_0046 Fall Sewanee WeddingFall-Sewanee-Wedding_0044 Fall Sewanee WeddingAlyssa + Griffin love old movies, so the Sewanee Inn set up a projector to play old movie clips throughout the entire reception! And for Alyssa + Griffin’s private last dance, one of their favorites was playing in the background. So sweet.Fall-Sewanee-Wedding_0047 Fall Sewanee Wedding


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