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Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer

Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer

Sewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer-JENNY-PHIL Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer


Jenny + Phil. They’re kind, they’re funny, and they’ve got super classic taste. You can just tell how much their friends love them, and you can see how long their families had waited for their wedding day. They laugh easily and clearly love well, and their wedding really showed it.

Jenny + Phil met at the University of the South in their freshman chemistry class… which is pretty much the most pun-tastic meeting story I can think of. Throughout their time at Sewanee, Jenny + Phil were pretty successful on campus – their résumés contain distinctions like “Valedictorian,” “All-American,” “Woman of the Year,” and “Homecoming Queen.” So when (a few years after graduation) Jenny received a mysterious invitation to a “Young Alumni Board Meeting” on the mountain, she was all too eager to return to campus to participate. But as it turns out, there was no Young Alumni Board Meeting. Phil had gone to great lengths to create this meeting… all so he could propose at the cross on Sewanee mountain, surrounded by family and friends in their very favorite place. (Also – reasons Jenny is the cutest – after the proposal and the pictures and all the fun aftermath, Jenny was most worried about being late for this Young Alumni Meeting. And then was disappointed when she found out it was all a ruse.)

Sewanee has been voted one of the most beautiful college campuses in the U.S., and it’s hard to drive past these stunning, historic buildings and disagree. Every time we drive up to the mountain (which is pretty often), we feel like we’ve somehow popped into a little slice of Europe in the middle of rural Tennessee. It’s crazy. So when we got an inquiry for a wedding at this place we love so very much (and from an awesome couple to boot), we were pumped. And what’s more, Jenny + Phil chose to have a Christmas wedding so the chapel would be decorated for Sewanee’s famed Lessons and Carols – a traditional Christmas service featuring Sewanee’s university choir that has been held at All Saints’ for the last 50 years. If you read the blog, you know how much I love classic, timeless weddings and ya’ll let me tell you…. this chapel is the chapel of my dang DREAMS.

Jenny and her bridesmaids prepared for the big day while listening to Christmas music at The Sewanee Inn (surrounded by Christmas lights they had hung to make the room feel festive)! Other reasons Jenny is the cutest: her gifts to her bridesmaids included a shawl, a handmade cookbook of Southern recipes she and her mother had compiled from friends and family, and some skincare product samples she got from her office (she’s a dermatologist). I haven’t even known Jenny that long, and I feel like that was a very “Jenny” gift. Meanwhile, Phil and his groomsmen toured the Jack Daniel’s Distillery as a last hurrah before saying I do, got dressed, and headed over to the chapel for pictures (which – by the way – were a blast. 9 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, 3 house party girls, and 2 flower girls. It was quite the group).

Before we knew it, the ceremony arrived, and it was just perfect. I was a church choir kid, so listening to that organ and the Sewanee choir… I felt like we were at a royal wedding, and I definitely cried. And actually my favorite part of the ceremony was when Jenny’s dad accidentally pulled out Jenny’s cathedral length veil as he was giving her away… And the officiant actually stopped the service to step in and reattach it with her sister’s help. They signed the marriage license, then partied the night away at The Sewanee Inn, finishing their evening by processing up the stairs to the Inn’s balcony through an “honor guard” (a Sewanee tradition) while singing the Sewanee fight song.

It was the perfect Sewanee wedding in every way. Jenny + Phil, thank you so much for inviting us into this season of your life. We are so grateful for you both, and for your families and friends. Huge thanks to this amazing vendor team for nailing this wedding day (even amidst cold and rain!):

Ceremony venue: All Saints’ Chapel on the campus of Sewanee, The University of the South

Reception venue: The Sewanee Inn

Florist: Ken Taylor of Taylor’s Mercantile

Cake: IvyWild of Sewanee

Planner/coordinator: Katherine Benson of Bella Baxter Events

Band: The Answer Band

Dress: Stella York

Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids


Sewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0001 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0002 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0003 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0004 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0005 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0007 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0008 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0009 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0010 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0011 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0012 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0013 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0014 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0015 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0016 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0018 Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer

Sewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0017 Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer

Sewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0019 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0020 Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer

Sewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0022 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0021 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0023 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0024 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0025 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0026 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0027 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0028 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0029 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0030 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0031 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0032 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0033 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0034 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0035 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0036 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0037 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0038 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0040 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0041 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0042 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0043 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0044 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0045 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0046 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0047 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0048 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0049 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0050 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0051 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0052 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0053 Sewanee Inn Wedding PhotographerSewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0054 Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer

Aaaand just a few film images from this day:

Sewanee-Inn-Wedding-Photographer_0055 Sewanee Inn Wedding Photographer


Lindsay Campbell is a wedding photographer specializing in natural, romantic wedding photography with a bright and airy film look. She photographs weddings in Chattanooga, Franklin, Nashville, Sewanee, and the surrounding areas, and travels across the country to photograph weddings! If you’re looking for a Chattanooga wedding photographer, Sewanee wedding photographer, Nashville wedding photographer, or Franklin wedding photographer, get in touch!