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Park Savoy Estate Wedding Photographer

Ahh!! So very, very excited to announce that Danielle + Ray’s black-tie wedding at the Park Savoy Estate just outside of NYC is being featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs today!! This was by far the most emotional, heart-felt, family-filled wedding day we’ve ever had the joy to witness, and I’m so glad that their story is being shared on EAD! We were so happy to travel up to the northeast for this stunning wedding weekend, and I could not be more excited with how these images turned out.

This was a truly stunning wedding. An absolute dream. Danielle + Ray were married in the chapel on the campus of Danielle’s high school, and then had one heck of a reception at The Park Savoy Estate. (Seriously – it was an INSANELY fun wedding.) But this particular wedding was about more than just the beautiful flowers or the incredible ballroom or the amazing food… It was truly a culmination. A culmination of their childhoods. Of their faiths. Of their growth as people. Of their lifelong friendships. Of the changes they have gone through. Of all the hard work they have put into building their relationship and truly doing it the right way.

Danielle’s bridesmaids made her a photo album filled with notes and pictures from each of them to read on her wedding day… And there were tears. She looked in the mirror a few times and caught the eye of her mom and her maid of honor… And there were more tears. Her bridesmaids saw her in her wedding dress for the first time… More tears. She wrote notes to her parents expressing her appreciation and love, and they did the same. More tears. Danielle + Ray stood back to back and read notes to each other just minutes before they walked down the aisle. More tears. Ray saw her for the first time as she stepped up to the aisle. More tears. Their friends and family toasted them at the reception, and they toasted back – expressing their appreciation for years of support and love and friendship and true family. More tears.

So yes, it was a pretty breathtaking wedding. The food was amazing, the band was awesome, the flowers were gorgeous, the venue was beautiful, there was an unbelievable dessert bar and late night food and a cigar bar after-party in the wine cellar… But more than that, Danielle + Ray are amazing people. And they got to spend their day showing appreciation for all of the most important people in their lives. I really, really think they got this day right.

So make sure you go see their feature on Eliabeth Anne Designs here, and check out more from their wedding in their original blog post over here!!


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