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Our Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A bit of a shorter post today, friends… What’s in our wedding day emergency kit? Well gosh, I’m glad you asked ;)

I’m putting this in the “For Brides” section because I think every bride should have a wedding day emergency kit…. But I really think that every photographer should have an emergency kit, too! You’re with the couple more than anyone else throughout the wedding day, and something small always goes wrong at a wedding. So if you can be armed with your little emergency tote bag, you might be able to make a big difference in someone’s wedding day. So it’s totally worth it to us to have one!

A lot of the items listed below are things that are more useful to us as photographers (because of where we usually are during the day and what problems normally arise for us), but either way, I hope this is helpful!

wedding-day-emergency-kit Our Wedding Day Emergency Kit

What’s in Our Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Bandaids – Especially blister bandaids!

Baby powder – To cover up stains on the wedding dress, and to reduce chafing!

Body glide – Again, chaffing. It’s a thing on wedding days and we’ve had several brides/grooms/wedding party members who were really glad we thought to bring some.

Scissors – No one ever cuts the tags off of things until the wedding day. These will come in handy, I promise!

A needle and thread – We once has a bridesmaid’s zipper break RIGHT before the ceremony, and we were so glad we had this in hand! A few stitches and she was good to go!

Safety pins + diaper pins – Someone always needs a safety pin on a wedding day, and we have a few larger pins in our kit, too, in case of a larger wardrobe malfunction that requires it!

A lighter – For when you’re doing detail shots but the candles aren’t lit yet!

Shout Wipes – Duh.

Step stool – Because I’m 5 foot 3. Ok moving on.

Snacks + water – Duh.

Advil – Duh.

Hair ties + bobby pins – Duh.

Benadryl – We once had a bride get stung by a bee right before their first look. We were super glad we had this on hand.

A set of silverware – We always eat whenever the bride and groom are eating, so if we’re waiting on silverware to eat that’s a problem because we usually only have a few minutes to scarf our food down! We have a little set of camping silverware that comes in its own case in our emergency bag, just in case!

Duct tape – Always useful in an emergency!

Styling board + styling ribbon – Not something brides need to think about, but we always have these with us for detail shots in case there isn’t a pretty, well-lit surface to style on already in the bridal suite!


So there you have it!! Keep these things around just in case, and you’ll be ready to go! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my “For Brides” for more wedding day tips, tricks and advice!



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