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Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-Plantation-Wedding-Photos-cover-1 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Well friends, it’s been about a million years since I blogged an engagement session, but this one is a new favorite of mine, so I just had to share!

We see so much of ourselves in Jessica + Jon. They’re finally starting a life together after a long period of dating, they’re supporting one another through life transitions and career changes, and most importantly, they’re embracing the very best part of marriage: watching your partner change.

Jessica + Jon met in high school marching band (Tyler was pretty pumped for this session because he was also in marching band in high school!). Even though they were a few years apart, they noticed each other quickly, and soon started dating. And although it’s been a long and winding road (being far away from each other during college, working opposite schedules, and just trying to keep it all together), they’re finally here. Finally engaged. Finally planning the day when they’ll become husband and wife. I love it when couples truly and honestly want their weddings to stay focused on joining their lives together, and Jessica + Jon are one of those couples. While I know they’re going to plan a gorgeous day (beautiful music, flowers, and a gorgeous color palette at Dalton Farms in Georgia), they’re still just focused on their faith. Their growth. The things that have brought them closer and closer together over the years. And when it comes to weddings, all those little details usually come together if you just remember what you’re truly celebrating. The life together that you are choosing.

While we wandered around Carnton Plantation during their session, Jessica and Jon talked about how much they have both changed since they first met in high school, and even how they had spent some time apart. But something kept pushing them back together. Something just told them that they were right for each other, even as they grew up and became different people. And in the end, finding a partner who helps you become who you’re truly supposed to be is the greatest thing in the world. Someone who supports you as you grow, and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Someone who makes you proud of the person you’re becoming. Jessica and Jon have found that, no question. When she first emailed me, Jessica said “we are not perfect people, just simply two imperfect people in love,” and I think that about sums them up.

Enjoy just a few of my favorites from this Carnton Plantation engagement session!


Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0001 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0003 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0007 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0005 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0011 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0006 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0008 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0012 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0009 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0013 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0019 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0014 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0015 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0016 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0022 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0018 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0020 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer

Carnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0021 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0023 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0024 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0025 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0026 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0027 Carnton Plantation Wedding PhotographerCarnton-plantation-wedding-photographer_0028 Carnton Plantation Wedding Photographer


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