Courtney + Andy’s Moorestown Engagement Session

Downtown Moorestown NJ Engagement Photos

If you’ve ever heard me talk about how adorable my hometown in NJ is…. Well, here’s your proof. These downtown Moorestown NJ engagement photos are some new favorites of mine… for obvious reasons :)

But the couple in these pictures are now one of my favorites, too. Courtney + Andy met at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Their paths crossed at work, and the rest is history. Courtney is from Moorestown (my hometown – and we ran cross country together in high school!), and these two have spent a lot of time running on Main Street (and having post-run drinks at Starbucks), so that’s where we started their session! They now live on opposite sides of the country – Courtney is in California pursuing her singing career, and Andy is in med school in New Jersey. These two are different in so many ways, yet so perfectly complementary. Courtney is kind, friendly and bubbly. The kind of person you feel like you’ve known forever after you meet her once. She has such an incredible ability to make the people around her feel comfortable and cared for, and I think Andy probably noticed that pretty quickly about her. Andy is incredibly smitten with this girl. They laugh so easily together, and you can tell how proud Andy is that he gets to call Courtney his fiancé. There is a level of comfort between them that is infectious… You can tell how deeply they care for one another, and how close they are as friends. There’s a sureness between them, a confidence … They both know they’ve found their person, without a shadow of a doubt. It’s so, so amazing to meet couples who truly complete each other and make one another whole. We just met Andy, and it’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen Courtney… But they truly seem most like themselves because they are together. We think that’s one of the greatest joys of being married, and we couldn’t be more excited for them :)

Enjoy just a few of my favorites from this downtown Moorestown NJ engagement session! And to all of our local Nashville/Chattanooga LCP couples who throw shade at the dirty Jerz……… *drops mic* (jk, we still love all of you)


Courtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0019(pp_w768_h1152) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement Session

Courtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0004-1(pp_w768_h511) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0005-1(pp_w768_h574) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0006-1(pp_w768_h1152) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0020(pp_w768_h574) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0024(pp_w768_h511) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0022(pp_w768_h574) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0023(pp_w768_h574) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0011-1(pp_w768_h511) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0012-1(pp_w768_h1152) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0025(pp_w768_h511) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0014-1(pp_w768_h1152) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0015-1(pp_w768_h574) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0016-1(pp_w768_h1152) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0017-1(pp_w768_h511) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement SessionCourtney-and-Andy-Moorestown-New-Jersey-Engagement-Session_0018-1(pp_w768_h1152) Courtney + Andy's Moorestown Engagement Session

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